desktop or laptop

The price is usually a big factor, but more important--what do you need?

What do you need?

if you're doing high-end gaming or high-end graphics (such as video editing and computer-aided design), you'll benefit from the added capabilities of a desktop unit
If you do a lot of number crunching, most laptop keyboards don't have a separate number pads, which you may find less convenient. Some people don't like the pointing device built into laptop keyboards, which takes some time getting used to and isn't as precise if you do a lot of graphics or drawing.
Some people find themselves slumping over their laptops, which can cause neck and back strain. Some laptops have reduced-size keyboards, which can crimp your hands
desktops definitely take up more space, they no longer limit the portability of your files. In fact, because of their other advantages,
If you're only going to work at home or at the office, you're probably better off buying two desktops, one for each place
desktops had zero portability--you only could access files located on your desktop computer from that computer.
Desktop substitutes are fast and powerful, with full-size keyboards and up to 17-inch screens, but they're less convenient to lug around.but lap top espically for travelers ultralights laptops are perfect .
When you are on the road A laptop is perfect.activate your wireless connection--which is built into most laptops now--and it's just like sitting at your desk in your office.to finding a wireless connection used to be challenging, but that Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) "hot spots," or zones, are becoming more common in cities and in business parks as well as in airports, hotels, and caf├ęs. "Coffee shops will have signs that say 'free wireless Internet connection,
features and functions are equivalent between the two, although desktops generally have better sound quality.
comparable models have nearly identical hardware, including CD and DVD drives and ports for adding peripherals.
Laptops' biggest advantage--portability--also makes them more vulnerable. They're more likely to be dropped and broken, or lost, or stolen. "You can probably store as much data on a laptop as on a desktop, but you probably wouldn't want to--you risk losing it all