How can I make money online?

That is a very simple popular question for the newbie who want start his/her online business
let us start from the beginning
1- I am new here. I want to make money online. Can anyone tell me exactly how can I make money online?
2-How i don't spend extra money to start ?
3- I don’t have the exact information where to found?

SO THIS IS VERY STRAIGHT &POPULAR all face it before why we don't make it simple &easy

I will post here simple idea to start from

The answer

1- One simple idea is to start Blogging and gets money from ads

2- start with promotion... You can join in some PTC but is hard to earn money because the money of clicks is 0.01 or 0.0001&pts

3-Create a site it may cost you as low as 20$/year (hosting included). And install a blog or forum write in it. Everything you think it is interesting news, information, articles, video or something that happened to you that day

4- . If you are an expert in at least one of the following areas: writing, data entry, data research, project management, photography, audio and video services, web design, graphic design, web marketing, SEO, programming (PHP, ASP, C/C++, Perl, Java, etc.), you can work completing projects for others as a freelancer. Check out the source below for more information about freelancing. It is completely free way to make money online.

5- You can join some free affiliate programs, set up a web page or a blog, put your affiliate link on your web page/blog, write some description or review and than promote your web page/blog on the Internet. This is relatively easy to do and the toughest part is web promotion. Ad sense ads are also great and you can put them on your web page/blog as you will be paid for every click on those ads from your pages. This can also be free unless you pay for web hosting and domain name of your website.

6- You can also set up a web store where you can sell various products to your visitors. Best selling products online are software products (e books, programs, games etc.) as your customers can download them instantly after they make a purchase and no shipping & handling are required. You can create these products yourself, pay someone to create them for you, or buy already created product with resell rights and then sell them.

7- You can start online trading (stocks or forex), but this is risky as there is possibility of losing money.

There are many more ways to earn money online but basically they all can be put in one of in these categories.

Be very careful of money making scams as Internet is full of them. That there is no easy way to earn money and you will have to make an effort no matter how easy it sounds. Everything that sounds "too easy to be true" most probably is.

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