how to avoid the top SEO Mistakes

u can see many Companies providing SEO services. Some SEO guys use purely ethical SEO techniques, while others use unethical SEO. Even the person who hired the SEO guy do not know about this. When his site get punished that time he came to know.
So the conclusion is, if you want to hire SEO, choose a reputable SEO consultant, one who will keep in regular contact with progess reports and updates.

.Use of black-hat techniques :
Same as i mentions above, techniques such as doorway pages, stuffing keywords, hidden text etc are the examples of black-hat tech. So if you want long term success, avoid such techniques.

Expecting Immediate Results :
you wil never get immediate results in SEO. You must have patience in you. Succesful SEO requires good link building which takes time. SO you must agree to spend lots of time with good patience.

house optimization :
In past even now also many people think, they can do SEo their own. They feel SEO is an easy task to do.
But SEO is not that much easy. It involves undrstanding google's complicated algo. and according to that they have to optimize the site to rank well in SEs.

Untargeted keywords :
Many times some SEO ignore main keywords and only work for untargeted keywords. After getting good rankings, if they dont get enough traffic, they complain about that.
So they have to choose right keywords for optimization which give them good traffic.

Unneccessary graphics and flash :
Many webdesigners, just for good looking of sits put heavy graphics and flash in site. As you know crawlers dont crawl graphics or flash. So avoid putting havy flash or graphics on site instead put combination of small graphics / flash with good amount of unique content.

non-relevant link :
As you know if you have more backlinks, chances of getting good ranking in google increased. But many SEOs just count irrelevant links as a backlinks. They dont care whether the backlinks coming from are relevant with their site or not. Google dont consider such links.

Multiple SE submission :
Nowadays search engine submission is not necessary. Sites get indexed and ranked naturally if they have related backlinks with them. Multiple submissions may consider as an attempt to spam the search engines.

Title tag :
We can see many title tags of different sites have their company or product name. But recommended is you shoud place your main keywords or keyphrases in title tag. Also keep title tag less than 65 character long.

All search engines are not same :
Many people think all search engines are same. Optimize your content, keywords, links so that there is something for at least one of the three top search engines.

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