A Sneaky Affiliate Cheat . . . To Avoid

One of the best ways of getting a profitable portfolio is recognizing when other affiliate
marketers are trying to cheat YOU out of your commissions.
Always make a habit of looking at the sales page of a product before you add it to your
portfolio. If you find any squeeze pages or any offers where your customer has to enter
their e-mail address, then avoid that product. Another sneaky cheat to avoid is through
affiliate links. If you find an affiliate link at the end of the sales page for a product, avoid
that product.
These are the techniques used by affiliate gurus to compile their opt-in lists and attract
more affiliates. And they’ll take customers from you, and in the process strip you of your
How do they do this?
Let’s look at an example. If you send 100 customers to a product site or sales page and
2 or 3 customers purchase that product, you will receive the commission for it. But what
about the remaining 98 prospects?
There’s a good chance that they followed the pop-up window, entered their e-mail
address, or clicked the affiliate link for more information. This led them straight to the
affiliate guru, who used this information to bombard them with more advertising, free
offers, and product discounts, all of which are designed to get them to buy through
THEIR site, and not YOURS.
As a result, even though all of those 98 people were led to the product because of you,
you won’t receive a dime for it. This is how vendors – if they’re also affiliate gurus –
cheat other affiliate marketers. Choosing a new product with a clean and professionally
written sales page is your best bet.

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