How to invest small earning


I am going to say a true story here or in another word my own financial plan & how i improved my self.

then i will show how.

In fact you will be amazed or you may say i am kidding you but honestly it is true.

I started to think is that a way to earn from internet i have my own pc & i have much time 3 hours every day so is there a way to have extra income to improve myself

n last year exactly at January i start to make a research . I found there is paid to click or paid to sign up sites it allow you to sign up for free then they will give you money for every click you click sites it was .001 cent imagine & the paid to sign up section was minimum 5 cent sometimes you may earn more up to 25 cent &if you are from usa you will find some offers pay you up to 15 $ . i was shocked &i gave it a chance after working for month i found all i earn was 2.5 $

&i withdraw them then start to say it is useless the site was

it is really pay but &the minimum to withdraw was 10 cent up till now i was so sad then in February i found something say

3 referral levels - earn a commission from the earnings of members you refer:
-> level 1: 15%
-> level 2: 3%
-> level 3: 2%
so i check it out &i told myself if i invite my friends &convince them to work &they sign up from my link then the site will give me 15% from them work, so why not we make a team work &i find that my friend when he earn 10 cent he got all of them &me got 15% so no harm to anyone but i don’t have that much friends &in simple calculation if you invite 100 person &every one earn daily 10 cent &in a month my 15% will be 45 $ so i was happy there is a way to start from &all of them extra to me then i found it is hard to have that amount in month or to make all of them work daily &for example i have now in my down line about 300 &the monthly commission is 12$ in average so it is hard and to got all those 300 wasn’t easy

so in that time i got 2 & one of them was my brother funny huh ? &become sad again then i found something there a level of upgrading your membership i found it say

Gold Member
Free Referrals!
You will have 10x the chance to have your account be the referral of those members who have no referral.
10% Discount!
Receive a 10% discount off any item purchased through our Shopping Cart.
Only $9.95!

So i told myself that i will use my earning to upgrade my membership &it will be auto referral then after i done that i found that i get 40 referral in monthly average maybe more maybe less not fixed &i told myself to forgot about &keep it as it is & to look for something else so i looked for many other sites that is really pay to me &then test it from free member & then upgrade my membership there also, then if i have 12 $ from every site i assumed 10 sites it will be 120$ that is ok as i start from trash with nothing then found that is not ok to make a living from.

Up till last 2 month’s i was in that silly mistake till i found i could use them as

1- To pay for hosting or even buy a domain name so i can start from trash to have my own website or blog.

2-I said before the best way is affiliate marketing to have a real descent income .

3- I can use the 12$ i earn in a month for advertising my affiliate link or associated store. so i loved this idea i didn’t pay anything & i will sell real something in other hand if you earn 12 $ every month you can simply sell a 4000$ 60 inch lcd tv&your cut out is 4% will be 160 $ just from one sale

you will say none there will buy i say do u imagine that the site i mention above have up till now 63,243 member in it & you can from your earning there to advertise for a 30 days of Side Panel exposure for $5.95. beside your store link will have a good traffic .

so a good tactic that is you do a research in your store for what people buy this month much &simply put a link from your store to that product to make people check out then you are going to make a real cash then.

From all above i understand one simple thing if you could earn 1 cent you simply could earn 1000$ it is now my golden rule ,but it depend on how you think &how you use your brain to invest your little cash earning from the same site am i right .

If you like this idea whatever you earn zero cash or 10000 in month you use this & you will find it is really working it work with me &i will give you another great site you can apply for No Minimum Payout

Total Members 192,000

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