Highest Efficient Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger

What is the best solar charger for your phone, tablet, and other small electronics when off the grid? your tablet or even your laptop. And Who has This would be embarrassing if you are having an important meeting or a conference, or otherwise you are traveling somewhere or having a trip.
But on the other hand technology does not stop at inventing those smart devices only ,but also has a lot of progress of how you can easily charge them any time any where.
Yes, You can now charge your electronics Anywhere by using the solar panel charger , This  Eco-Friendly devices will help you charge your devices, you no more need electricity for it because only sun light is enough

Best Overall Solar Panel

Anker 15W Foldable Dual Port Solar Panel

 Pros    Inexpensive, easy to use, durable, simple, powerful, light

 Cons   Small accessory pouch won't hold average smartphone,lower wattage solar panel


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