New Serpentine Belt routing for 305 chevy engine

 original route
original route
I have wondered how to get rid of the air pump on my serpentine belt equipped car. Not only is it a parasitic device on the engines power output but it also adds weight and clutters up the engine bay and also when it mail function and no use for it in your high way driving as it happened to me once and found this pulley break and you cant drive your car anymore until you  buy new one or idler pulley instead off it. After experimenting with modifying the balancer and different length belts I realized it was just about impossible using the stock belt routing. I was made aware of the best way to remove it.
Remember, removing emissions equipment is only for those who undergo no emissions testing or whose vehicles are for racing only.
Its very simple really, the whole trick lies in the belt routing. The stock setup in a clockwise manner: Tensioner, over the alternator, down to the power steering pump, under the crank, under and over the water pump, back to the ac compressor. The problem in just removing the pump with this belt routing is that the tensioner will interfere with the belt coming off of the water pump to the AC compressor.
To remedy the situation a different belt routing is necessary. Clockwise instead of having the belt coming off of the power steering pump going to the bottom of the crank, have it come up over the top of the water pump, back under the water pump then around the crank and off the bottom of the crank to the AC compressor. All of your accessories will turn as they did, and you will be able to remove the pollution pump. If this  A little confusing. look at the other pic and compare to the original above

new route

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