What is your gift for Christmas

Holiday shopping is stressful. We always want to be the one to get the perfect gift for
as human beings who give, serve, and seek to promote the well-being of others. It suggests that we are continually confronted with choices about giving, and offers literary selections intended to help us reflect more seriously on these choices.
So how you will buy your gift?
It doesn’t have to be expensive in order to make someone very happy. You don’t need to break the bank. Pay attention to the person throughout the year, the hints and ideas. Keep them in mind, and make your gift thoughtful and from the will be well received.
The perfect gift doesn't come from a store… it comes from your heart.
So did you have any idea yet for what to buy to the someone you care about.
There are few answer

1- yes i know what i will do this is a great answer you helped yourself allot
in other hand you know what the other need you have what is important ,you understand your family well so nothing to tell you
2- No i am confused i have many option but some i like myself & other it is not important
i said you are not going to gift yourself
but you in the middle it is ok i will guide you
try to focus what on how they will receive it if they will be happy &they need it then you made the right choice if you like it but they don't forget about .
3- I am busy i don't have time for this but also i want know some idea
i really cant tell you i am not you even me have the same problem mate but i can say
do online research
it is boring & take time ok, go straight to amazon & type perfect gift they have many category you will see allot of idea for example if you look for a toy to your son or your daughter select toys &type perfect gift

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