How to Promote your Business

You may not have the budget to build a brand awareness campaign ,but you certainly should practice advertising strategies that are built around your own business .
Home based businesses are rapidly gaining in popularity. Not only do they offer you the opportunity for freedom and the flexibility to set your own work terms, but you also have control over your financial independence.

Research Your Market

Research your intended market first, then create a product or service to fit that market
You must set aside approximately 3-4 hours a week (which is nothing compared to how much time most online business owners spend) and stick to the plan

2- Create a simple 2-5 page web site. Use an easy-to-use web page editor.and use other pages for information about you, your other products and whatever else you would like your visitors to see

A branded business has a memorable logo
Your logo is the visual component of your brand.

4-Give Away Your Knowledge

Writing articles and making them available for reprint is an especially powerful method of spreading your name. Published articles often remain in the public eye for years.

5-Have a Contingency Plan

Businesses go through rough times. Sometimes it will appear to happen "all of a sudden", but there are always warning signs. Learn to recognize the signs of trouble.

6- Make it easy for people to tell their friends and family about your product or service.There's nothing more powerful than a personal endorsement from a satisfied customer.

7- Do Something You Love

Find something that you're passionate about, and will enjoy doing. Business doesn't have to be a daily grind; it can be a true pleasure

8-Offer something free on your web site via an auto responder. Use get to be able to automatically follow up with people who download your free gift.

9-Add TITLE and META tags to your web pages and submit them to major Search Engines. Make sure these tags are short and mention only what's relevant. Ask yourself, what word or phrase would I type in the Search Engine if I was looking for

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