Who is better blogspot or wordpress for my blog?

It is hard question both of them is ok & myself have blog on both of them
but i am going to compare between from some points which are,cost,customization ,Advertising

Word press

Word press supports categories
Word press allows you to edit your blog Wordpress offers one ways to edit your blog. The first and only is the dashboard or "Presentation", you can add widgets and extras.
Word press has banned advertising (On their free host)
Word press is free. BUT! They offer upgrades to the users, so the ENTIRE service is not free,
word press software is free & you can download it free & start your own blog (self hosted)
On self hosted word press there a many cool plug in can help & give you great support

i would recommend blog spot for people who want earn free money without spending any.

Blog spot

If you like to do a lot of experimentation with your template, it gives a direct access to your template.
Blog spot is 100% free
Blog spot is the only service that allows advertising.
Blog spot dont support categories .
Blog spot is owned and run by Google. So, to increase their user count, they require you to have a Google account to access this service. This basically means that you need to go and sign up for a g-mail account.

Blog spot allows you to edit your blog using three different methods. The first method is when you are logged in, and click the "Template Button" and see your page elements. You then click an "Add Page Element" and choose what you would like to create.
The second method you can edit the blog is editing the RAW HTML code of the blog. Getting the perfect look for a blog requires this. The last way to edit the blog is to go to your actual blog and click the little pencil icon beside something you want to edit. That takes you to the edit screen where you can preform the changes.

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